Singer / Songwriter from the American West

Raised in the mountains, deserts and coastlines of the western United States, Bryan Miles spent his formative years in the open air with his father, affectionately known as the 'Hick Genius'; Pops has a PhD in Paleo-botany and spent his weekends hunting and fishing in the Utah wilderness. As such, Bryan learned how to handle a gun, gut a fish, and survive in the wild. River running, ridge walking, shooting, and camping were the weekend plans. These adventures did not acknowledge obstacles - snow or lightning strike be damned! They forged Bryan's character and love for wild places.

During this time, Bryan would spend a few weeks in the summer at his biological father's home in Southern California. Sensitive and creative by nature, skateboarding in SoCal quickly took his attention away from hunting and fishing. Skateboarding eventually took him off skis and onto a snowboard and into the water surfing. This transition was complete when Bryan moved to SoCal when he was 15 where, aside from a few years in the PNW and Montana, he has remained ever since. 

Always a singer, Bryan started playing the guitar after a family trip to Arizona where his cousin was playing rock and roll on a Fender Strat. It was at that moment that Bryan knew he would be picking, strumming, and pounding on a guitar for the rest of his life. Singing his favorite covers progressed to writing songs of his own. Bryan has a vast range and clear voice - his music, described as Long Blonde Americana, stems from his mountain adventures with the 'Hick Genius' and the skate/surf culture of the California coast.

An earth scientist, Bryan has a degree in Geology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and has worked to help restore and preserve our environment. In 2019 Bryan was invited to be an Affiliated Artist with the Climate Science Alliance in San Diego. Bryan performs as  'Rockwatcher' with his band, or solo acoustic sets around San Diego and throughout the American West.

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